Vocals / Zoe Chatfield
Vocals + Violin / Emily Gregonis
Keyboard / Athena Demaille

Bandshes are a new breed of indie folk made up of Connecticut natives Zoe Chatfield, Athena Demaille, and Emily Gregonis. Although their Demo and "Beautiful World" were written in high school, their original music tugs at something well beyond their years. The girls attracted the attention of Hollywood when their song "Lost Cities" was featured in the Universal Studios film "Unfriended". Since then, Bandshes' music has touched thousands via Spotify, where they've had over 50,000 listeners from all over the world. RockNYC describes the band as "Fiona Apple without the breakdowns meets daughter without the hipster tag, while managing one of the greatest tricks of our time, being solipsistic and universal at the same time."

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